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I have prepared the tax returns for my family, a few friends, and myself for many years. I then worked for Liberty Tax Services where I learned so much more about the tax preparation business. This year I am working for myself. 

I specialize in personal income tax preparation--Form 1040 with Schedules A, B, C, & D along with the associated forms such as (but not limited to) the Education Credit, Child and Dependent Care Credit, Child Tax Credit, and the Earned Income Credit. I also can help divorced parents complete Form 8332 to specify which parent will take the exemption of the dependent(s). 

The Affordable Healthcare Act and your specific health insurance premiums will have an impact on this year's 1040. I feel very confident in handling this new tax law since I have studied the impact on the tax forms and the requirements of this new tax law.

As a retired teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience, I am use to dealing with details. I am not scared of researching a topic when I need more information and knowledge.  I have taught at every education level from preschool classes through graduate school in both public and private schools and universities. It is fair to say that I have a lot of experience in answering questions and that I will continue to find ways to explain until we are both certain of understanding! 

I enjoy working with people and will do my best to help you with your tax preparation and questions.

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